How to fix a webviewgold Xcode build error

If you’re experiencing issues with your xcodebuild, there are a few things that you can do to try and fix it. 

If you’re experiencing an xcodebuild error that’s not listed here, please submit a support ticket, and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Check the webviewgold xcode build error configuration.

The first step is to make sure that you have the correct xcodebuild configuration set up. This can be done by opening your xcodebuild project in Xcode and clicking on the “Configure” button in the lower right corner of the window.

In the “Configure” dialog, make sure that you have the correct setting for “Xcode Build Configuration” selected. 

Check the xcodebuild version.

If you’re using a recent version of Mac OS X, then you should already have xcodebuild installed on your computer. 

Verify that all of the dependencies are installed

One common cause of build errors is missing dependencies. To check if any dependencies are missing, you can use the “Bundle Signing” tool in Xcode to verify that all of the necessary signing certificates are installed.

Clear out any old build artifacts

If you’ve been working on a project for a while, there may be old build artifacts left over from previous builds that can cause problems with the current

What is an webviewgold xcode build error?

An xcode build error is when your Xcode projects don’t seem to build correctly. This can be due to a variety of reasons, but most often, it’s something you can fix yourself. Follow these steps to diagnose and fix an Xcode build error:

How can I fix webviewgold xcode build error?

WebViewGold is a development platform that helps web developers to create and manage cross-platform mobile web apps. Recently, I had an issue with my webviewgold Xcode build error. after some digging, I found that the issue was related to how I was importing my images and videos. Here are the steps I took to fix this problem:

Add the FileImporter object to your project. Import the images and videos you want to use into the FileImporter object. Use the FileImporter object’s import() method to import the files into your project.

Troubleshooting Tips for webviewgold xcode build error

If you’re having trouble building an app with webviewgold and Xcode, here are a few tips to help you out.

In order to ensure that yours is the latest version, you’ll need to use the webviewgold website to find the download link.

If you’re using OSX Yosemite, please make sure that you’ve installed the latest version of Xcode. You can find the download link on Apple’s website.

If you’re using an earlier version of OSX or Windows, please see our instructions for updating your Xcode installation.

If you’re still having problems building your app, please check out our troubleshooting guide.

What is WebViewGold?

WebViewGold is an Xcode plugin that helps developers build iOS and Mac apps using Chrome as their web browser. It offers several advantages over using Safari, including increased security and performance. Unfortunately, it can also cause build errors if not used correctly. 

Install WebViewGold

First, you’ll need to install WebViewGold. Once it’s installed, open Xcode and select File> New Project… From the iOS/macOS Platforms menu item, select WebViewGold and click Next.

Project settings

In the project settings, make sure that Use Chrome as your web browser is selected and click Finish.

Project in Xcode

Now open your project in Xcode and select the Main. storyboard file. In the Document Object Model (DOM) Inspector pane, under the Safari category, make sure that WebView is selected.

You can build and run your app.

If everything looks good, you can build and run your app. If you get an error message like “WebView: Could not load file or assembly ‘ChromeClient’: A module with this name does not exist,” you’ll need to fix it.

To fix the webviewgold Xcode build error, first, make sure that WebViewGold is correctly installed. You can do this by opening Xcode and selecting File> Install-Package… from the Xcode menu bar. From the resulting dialog box, select WebViewGold and click Install.

Next, make sure that Chrome is correctly configured in Xcode. To do this, open Terminal and type chrome -version.

How to Fix a WebViewGold Xcode Build Error

WebViewGold is a plugin for Xcode that allows you to create native mobile apps using web views. Unfortunately, it can sometimes generate build errors. In this article, we’ll show you how to fix common build errors with WebViewGold.

Verify that WebViewGold is installed on your computer

First, you’ll want to make sure that WebViewGold is installed on your computer. You can find the plugin on the Xcode Downloads page (under “Developer Tools”). If it isn’t already installed, you’ll need to install it.

Check for build errors.

If WebViewGold is installed on your computer, next, you’ll want to check for any build errors. You can do this by opening Xcode and selecting “File > New Project…” ( or pressing Command-N on a Mac) and entering “WebViewGold” as the project name. Once the project is open, select the “Build Phases” tab and look for any errors in the “Linker” and “Compiler” fields. 

Fix build errors with WebViewGold

If there are no build errors, next, you’ll want to fix any issues with the code. To do this, open the “WebViewGold” project in Xcode and select the “Main.m” file. In this File, you’ll see a number of lines of code that look like


If you are experiencing an error when building your app using webviewgold, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the issue. Install the dependencies needed to run Copymatic on your local machine. Next, check to see if any of the libraries included with webviewgold have been updated recently. Finally, try resetting your build settings by going to WebViewGold -> Build Settings and clicking on “Reset All Settings.” If these steps fail to resolve the issue, please reach out to us at, and we will be more than happy to help you out!

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