The Macbook 12in M7

Macbook 12in M7

The Macbook 12in M7

I always wondered what Apple would look like if it had a new design, and it hasn’t. It feels very solid to the touch, especially when reading on your iPad or iPhone. They’ve done an excellent job of making this laptop Macbook 12in M7 feel as smooth and slick as possible.

Overall Appearance 

You first notice how the keyboard has made my typing so easy and responsive. But it also looks as sturdy as possible. It’s almost hard to read anything if you’re struggling with the keys. You can still type out phrases, but they’re short enough that I didn’t have to worry about long-lasting typos. The built-in trackpad makes typing at all times a breeze and stops after a few seconds. 

This laptop is also incredibly comfortable. Its thin design helps me keep my wrists in check, and my arms aren’t too much of a problem. Maybe there needs to be a different charger in my bag whenever I’m planning to use a computer? That is not the point. You should never need to charge more than two items here. Don’t be a binger. Just a reader! No power cords are required—perfect size for my hands.


I’m pretty satisfied with the overall appearance of this laptop (and I think you should too), but there are some things I love the most. So I’ll list them below and how easy or convenient they are for me now. The Power Functionality. If something doesn’t work, it won’ well, at least for a few minutes!


The webcam works great, even though I don’t need a high-definition video signal at home. We can watch YouTube clips or Twitch streams without buffering. Our video quality is quite decent. When playing games, it’s just as good as watching Netflix on the app. When running other programs, we get decent results. The camera itself is very stable. What’s not to love?


The keyboard is simple but still beautiful, so it doesn’t go unnoticed. Although there’s no volume control here, I don’t take issue with this because I am already used to that. Even without one, everything works how it was intended to. The MacBook Air (MacBook M1) does much better than most laptops available today. I’m happy that the MacBook Air (MacBook M1) is the best laptop out there, especially compared with the M1 M1 models.

Display Screen

The screen is extremely bright, so the display will never freeze. I don’t know what I’d do without the screen of this laptop. It also supports over 1000 colors. Yes, 1000 colors! The 16-inch Retina Display is just what I needed. The only downside of the 16-inch Retina Display is its price. However, I found that the 16-inch Retina Display is fine. It’s a bit cheaper, especially considering it offers a 4K resolution.

DVD and Speakers

Some Macs don’t come with DVD drive support, a feature that I’m glad to have. Some of those Macs came ahead earlier. The speakers are a little tinny but still pretty good.


The i5 Intel processor has 8GB RAM and 256GB storage (plus an SD card slot).


One big plus for myself, having an i5 Intel CPU, is that I could play demanding AAA titles (mostly Game of Thrones, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla) and easily finish them. I couldn’t finish the game of our choice for three days. Without the i5, it would have been nearly impossible. For someone like me who loves science fiction and fantasy games, Anki is probably the way to manage my bookshelf. As of writing this review, we are yet to buy Anki. Perhaps we, too, will.


The Macbook Pro (Macbooks) comes with a big SSD. I thought I was going to buy another, bigger one.

Final Review

The Macbook PRO is amazing. One of my faves that I haven’t seen for a while, it allows me to stream all my movies and shows from my computers to my phone’s Safari browser on the same device. I’m getting hooked on this system. 

The MacBook Pro is the smallest laptop right now. That being said, it features incredible 15″ and 16″ Retina Displays. It’s still a large laptop with a bunch of space to spare. The 13″ Laptop has an HD retina screen. Of course, this wouldn’t be the case with the 17.3-inch model. Both models feature a super-smooth IPS panel.

The Macbook comes in many configurations. From the entry-level to the full-fledged ones, including one with 3TB storage. The i5 is a nice middle ground between the 2nd generation i5 which costs $600 – $650, and the current models, which cost $1,100.


The MacBook 12in M7 is a powerful machine, I must add. In addition to the Core i7, it has 8GB memory and 1TB storage. Not bad for such a small laptop. There’s also a 32GB memory version, as well as 64GB. My biggest regret when looking at these specs was spending $350 for the 16GB RAM version just since I wanted to run 3D VR games. It’s still an expensive amount of money to pay for the performance. In reality, I didn’t enjoy any gaming. But maybe it’s worth trying again soon?
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