Knight of the Ku Klux Klan By Thomas Robb

David Duke founded Ku Klux Klan in 1975. The current chief of KKK is Thomas Robb. The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan have build an effort to present a “kinder, gentler” side of the Klan by attracting media awareness and posing as a contemporary “white civil rights” group. However, the same racist rhetoric is hidden underneath that surface.

The Klan’s leaders, from Duke to the present leader Thomas Robb, got attacked from other members who see their interest in politics and the media as hypocritical and unhelpful, as well as by their own racist ideas, which inevitably pierce through the smokescreen.

Knight Party By Thomas Robb

Thomas Robb stated some statements related to KKK that living in America, non-white people should be required to act in accordance with Christian values and acknowledge that mixing races is unquestionably immoral and unacceptable. Living under the rule of an understanding of White Christian leadership will be a privilege. Washington, D.C., politicians are constantly diminishing our liberties, but with gratitude to the foresight of our founding fathers, America has resisted these forces the longest. These forces are anti-Christ, anti-globalization, anti-race, and anti-homosexual forces that seek to eradicate White Christianity as we have known it.

Thomas Robb; Knight of Ku Klux Klan

The group appears to have made its debut in New Orleans for a brief period in 1973, with Jim Lindsay billed as grand wizard and Duke calling himself a grand dragon. However, according to records, the KKKK was not officially founded in Louisiana until 1975, a year after Lindsay had been killed. At that time, Duke listed himself as the organization’s founder and national director and his then-wife Chloe as its secretary.

An Interview With Thomas Robb:

Although it’s probable that some information from smaller KKK chapters was leaked, Thomas Robb, the national director of the organization, told TIME in an interview that his membership is still a closely-guarded secret. According to Robb, the membership information for the Knights is stored on two firewall-protected computers.

There is just one computer in my residence, and it is not online. Right now, I’m looking at it,” replied Robb. The other computer is similarly situated at the main office just a short distance away and isn’t online. Robb Thomas added that in order to acquire the membership data, hackers would need to break into his residence.

Last week, the WikiLeaks collective Anonymous alleged that it had amassed the phone numbers and email addresses of KKK members and would publish the data online. On Sunday night, some of it appeared on the text-sharing and storage website Pastebin. However, there is not much proof that the data published on Sunday is accurate.

Some of the claimed KKK members’ email addresses finish with domain, which is common for Russian accounts. Most of the provided phone numbers seemed to be disconnected. A TIME reporter dialled the primary number for Lansing, Michigan’s Capital Region International Airport. A group connected to Anonymous claimed that it was not in charge of disclosing the names.

According to the data dump, some mayors and senators from the South are members. A list of names included the mayor of Lexington, Kentucky, who has vehemently denied any connection to the group and called the allegations “insulting.”


The KKK, which committed repeated acts of violence and intimidation against African Americans, was established as a terrorist, white supremacist organization to oppose integration and Reconstruction in the South. In the 1920s and again around the turn of the century, the ensemble made a comeback. Various white supremacist organizations, many of which have differing ideologies, make up the KKK of today. Some have a hierarchy of orders and are very ceremonial. Members of the KKK who is recommended by Thomas Robb, who fear for their jobs and social standing sometimes keep their names a closely-guarded secret.


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