How To Play A Random Clip From Streamer When Raided On Twitch

One of the greatest experiences you can have on Twitch is being raided. It makes sense that you would want to delight. What better way to prove that than to play a random video from the streamer who ran you off? You can celebrate being raided in a different way each time using this command, despite it appearing to be complex. So, this is how you play a random Twitch video from the broadcaster who wrenched you. Most people want to know how to play a random clip from streamer when raided.

How To Play A Random Clip From Streamer When Raided  While Using Twitch:

The scream-out command in OBS is used to play clips in order to make this great feature work. Make sure you’re using OBS before beginning this procedure because it requires you to be streaming. Twitch is the quickest and most straightforward way to make this approach work. Guru’s useful device. Visit Twitch. Guru and then click on Free Tools. the Shout Out Player. This program will teach you how to play a random clip from the streamer when raided even channel that is called out, as stated in the details. To allow viewers to utilize the command as well, you may also establish this as a channel reward.

Enter your Twitch username, decide if you want this to be a channel reward option, and pick a few other parameters, like the maximum duration, mute, and turn-off text display. The page will then have a Browser Source link established at the bottom. In OBS, we’re going to use that URL. Open OBS and click the Add icon to add a new Source to the list of Sources for your streamer. Use the link created on Twitch.

Guru website, the one labeled “Browser Source,” in the URL area by choosing Browser from the dropdown. From there, you may modify the clip’s size, position inside your scene, and other attributes. Then, to play those videos the next time you’re raided, use the Shout Out command, which is! so in addition to the user’s name of the raider. !so (Insert User Name), for instance, without the brackets. Enjoy!

What is a twitch raid and How To Play A Random Clip From Streamer When Raided?

On the streaming website Twitch, users can discuss a range of subjects with viewers and engage in conversation. The fun doesn’t have to end when a person’s stream expires, though. By referring their audience to other creators on the platform directly, streamers can promote other streams there! How do they achieve this? through Twitch Hosting and Raids! These technologies enable broadcasters to highlight deserving creators for all of their hard work while also introducing their audience to new personalities. Even you can learn how to play a random clip from streamer when raided.

How to raid another channel on Twitch:

Directly into the chat of your stream, write “/raid” and the name of the account you wish to raid. Although this version does not automatically switch viewers to another streamer, it does let them know what the channel’s upcoming programming will be.

The second way to raid a different Twitch channel is by heading to your Creator Dashboard and searching for the person they’re utilizing the Raid Channel option. The viewers in your chat will then get a viewable countdown that will let them know when they will be automatically forwarded to the other stream when you officially “Start the Raid.” By doing this you can play a stream when raided.


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