If you are searching for a quality website to get a guest post with a do-follow link to increase your site’s authority, then you have landed on the right page. The American Bulletin is a high authority site with significant traffic continuously growing daily.

We welcome and love to hear from you. Share your content with us; the quality-proven will get a place on our site. We are always on the lookout for fresh, original content and welcome new ideas. Before submitting your work to us, we recommend looking at some of our existing content to get a sense of our style and generate ideas that align with our editorial focus. Some sample articles are here.

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Benefits of Guest posting

Why should you choose The American Bulletin for guest posting, is there any benefits of it? Yes, there are many and some are mentioned below.

  • Getting exposure to a great audience without any discrimination
  • You will get the opportunity to make a new audience listen to you and bring it to your website.
  • You can drive heavy but relevant traffic to your website and blog
  • You will get more audience once we share your content n our social media accounts.
  • Publishing a guest post on The American bulleting will increase the credibility of your website as our website is a reputable and Google News approved site. 
  • Publishing an article on our well-respected website can increase your site’s authority in the eyes of both readers and search engines. This can lead to an improvement in your ranking on search engine results pages, helping to increase the visibility and accessibility of your site.
  • Also, publishing a guest post on our website can generate traffic back to your own site through dofollow and nofollow links. Readers who enjoy your article may be inclined to visit your site to learn more about you and your work.

Guideline for submission of articles

The guideline for the submission of guest posting articles is given below. Please try to pay attention to all these points. Our professional writers, researchers, and SEO expert teams first inspect your content, structures, and necessary points and then approve for publishing. So, keep these points in mind while sending your articles to us.

  • The American Bulletin will never compromise on the quality of content and submit articles that don’t add value to our audience.
  • The article must be above 1000 words, and the team reserves the right to edit or reject the content if not of good quality. We edit the articles whenever we think to make them more readable or remove mistakes. 
  • You can add links to our other articles (internal linking) to give the article proper style. 
  • The American Bulletin is committed to publishing high-quality, original content. In order to maintain the integrity and value of our platform, we only accept articles that have not been previously published anywhere else, including on the author’s own website.

Guideline Per Article 

  • Before selecting the article’s topic, search for it, and choose a good volume keyword but a valuable one. 
  • Choose a topic related to the abovementioned categories that haven’t been published on our website before.
  • Choose a title that is SEO-friendly and attracts the audience. 
  • The article must be appropriately researched and cover every aspect that can come under the topic. 
  • The article must be formatted appropriately, so add proper headings, subheadings, bullet points, numbering, accurate information, and a conclusion. Use short paragraphs of no more than 3 to 5 sentences. 
  • No plagiarism and spinning of content are allowed.
  • No grammatical errors and passive voice (more than 10%) are allowed.
  • The submitted article must be passed from Copyscape.
  • You can add relevant images or videos with proper credit to the actual owner if needed in the content. Pictures and videos make your article more appealing. 
  • The article must not contain anything against Google policies.
  • The article must be according to Google search console guidelines.

What We Don’t Like 

Thank you for considering guest posting or sharing content with us. 

  • However, we do not accept press releases or sales pitches as they do not align with our editorial focus. 
  • Additionally, we do not allow fake product reviews, advertorials, or any other type of content designed to promote or sell a fake product or service. We value honesty and integrity in our content and only publish authentic, factual information. 
  • We don’t publish posts related to dating, adult content, credit-related sites, scam sites, etc.

What you get

If you want to guest post on The American Bulletin and has followed the submission guideline, you will get

  • 1 Do-follow link
  • 1 No-follow link
  • Social media link in the bio (first ask for it)

How to submit an article?

  • To submit an article, send us a mail at theamericanbulletin@gmail.com
  • Submit your article in Google doc form so we can make changes, if needed, and give feedback directly.  
  • Please send one article, not in bulk form. 
  • You can also share some previous samples in the email and ask for a topic keyword or title if you can’t find one. We will provide you with one from our content calendar. 

Let’s all practice good manners by waiting for our turn.

Waiting for your turn is the most crucial thing. We receive many emails daily, and properly reading them and responding takes time. 

Once we open an email, our team reads the article properly, checks the facts, and from an SEO point of view which takes time. If it proves an excellent fit for The American Bulletin, we will publish it and inform the author about it. 

So, patience from your side will be greatly appreciated from our side. 

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