Pete Buttigieg Joins Pro-Abortion Protests, Unwilling to Back Abortion Restrictions

Mayor Pete Buttigieg continued his unwillingness to support any legal restrictions on abortion as he joined a pro-abortion protest on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

Pro-choice activists staged #StopTheBans rallies around the country in support of abortion rights after bills restricting abortions passed in Missouri, Georgia, and Alabama.

Buttigieg accused the Republican party of extremism by supporting pro-life bills banning abortion after a heartbeat — bills that would likely trigger a Supreme Court ruling on Roe vs. Wade.

“Most Americans believe that it should be up to the woman to make that choice,” Buttigieg said in an interview with MSNBC, accusing Republicans of “pursuing a radical extreme agenda on the social issues.”

Buttigieg argued that Roe vs. Wade gave women the right to abortion with “very few restrictions” early in the pregnancy and with “very few exceptions” late in pregnancy.

“What’s radical is the idea of banning abortion outright,” he said, blaming pro-life activists and Republicans to roll back Roe vs. Wade.

Buttigieg also resisted supporting any legal limits on abortion in a Fox News town hall on Sunday.

“These hypotheticals are set up to provoke a strong emotional reaction,” Buttigieg said in response to a question from Fox News host Chris Wallace about allowing a woman to abort her child in the third trimester.